Hello! I'm Anthony Devito! I'm a full-time student at Washington State University pursuing a bachelors in Computer Science!



Experience using: C++, C, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


I am comfortable using Linux, mainly Debian based architectures such as Ubuntu and Mint. As well as Windows and Mac OS X.


I'm comfortable using Git for version control, as well as having professional experience with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, and Illustrator

Personal Projects

These and more repositories can be found on my GitHub!

freeway runner

Freeway Runner!

· Developed an infinite runner game in Python using the Pygame library that simulates driving through rush-hour traffic
· Used Photoshop and Aesprite for UI and styling

Isometric Terrain Generator

Isometric Terrain Generator!

· Developed an isometric terrain generator made using C++ using the SFML library
· Utilized Perlin Noise generation techniques to construct intricate height maps, resulting in more realistic terrain landscapes

SRT File Editor

SRT Editor

· Modifies SRT files to correct commonly misspelled words by premiere pros auto captioner.

Python Multiplayer Test

Python Multiplayer Test

· This project is an implementation of a local network-based multiplayer game using Python.
· The primary technologies employed are the "Socket" and "Pickle" libraries, which facilitate communication over network connections and serialization/deserialization of data.

Work Experience

Multimedia Content Creation

9/2022 - Present

· Develop and implement effective content strategies, analyze performance metrics, and leverage data insights to optimize
· Work with a team of creatives in producing high-quality multimedia content for creators, collaborating closely with clients to ensure that their vision and objectives are met.
· Manage timelines, workflows, and resources to ensure timely delivery and exceptional quality.
· Oversee and manage multiple social media accounts, including YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, to drive engagement, brand recognition, and revenue growth for clients.

Development Manager

09/2021 - 7/2023

· Managed computers, and servers to support video game recording and streaming, overseeing setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting to ensure smooth and uninterrupted content production.                             
· Collaborated closely with a team of ten developers to bring content ideas to fruition, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to project requirements.
· Coordinated project timelines and deadlines with development team, prioritizing tasks and allocating resources to meet objectives on schedule.

Bistro Lead Cook

Judson Park
05/2019 -  09/2021

· Cooked and prepared 20+ menu items, incorporating new offerings and seasonal specials that met customer standards and health regulations.
· Supervised a team of three cooks to efficiently prepare all dishes for the bistro.
· Monitored and tracked food waste to lessen the disposal of unused food.

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